Search Engine Optimization

This personalized TRIBE
for YOU does only that, YOU.

SEO is a complicated, technical and, when done well and correctly , IS the technical magical machine behind your success. We have put together the most comprehensive, elite and dedicated tribe and team to YOUR vision and the technology backing your STAR brand. Their combined specialized skills ensure your website ranks higher on all search engines.

Features Included in EVERY Plan

Every SEO plan includes everything you need to see ranking improvements in search engines like Google.

Strategy "Sesh"

Two 30-minute calls every month with your SEO project manager/strategist to review website progress and optimize your SEO marketing strategy consistently and continually.

Market Targeting

Focused your keyword strategy and plan geared specifically to your target location, audience and market.

Page Optimization

Website is regularly reviewed and where appropriate, content and keywords are added, to help improve relevancy with search engines.

Keyword Optimization

Continuous evaluation of targeted keywords. Our efforts are focused on efficiency and effectiveness, and consistently adjusted and optimized to your audience.

Custom Content Creation

To improve relevancy, every month we create new and completely original blog post articles for your website of 411+ words.

Snippets & Google Schema

We optimize how your website appears in search engines ( such as google). These frames are called a “snippets” in the universe of the worldwide web and done effectively they maximize the chance that potential visitors see and click on your website.

Monthly Report

Consistent monthly reports on where and how your site is ranking on Google. Track your progress and use the data to adjust co create in the growth of your strategy over time.

Broken Link Repair

We identify and fix any broken links that appear on your website to ensure search engines don’t inadvertently view your website as broken or dangerous.

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags are also reviewed regularly, to ensure they are not broken, in order to optimize correctly and effectively; improve your website’s accessibility scores and keyword relevancy.